Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Boiler Scrappage scheme in Scotland.

Following the popularity of the recently unveiled boiler scrappage scheme in England, the Scottish government is set to launch a similar programme, which may be welcome news for consumers looking to increase the efficiency of their heating.

Scottish finance secretary John Swinney has seen his latest budget past, although several cuts have been invoked after the minister admitted there would be tough times for the country ahead.

However, a boiler scrappage scheme is not to be cut from the agenda, with £2 million set to go towards it.

It is hoped the programme will see the central heating systems of Scottish homes being modernised and will provide up to £400 in assistance to anyone currently using the oldest working boilers in their homes.

Furthermore, more money is also to be put towards affordable housing.

In England, homeowners can apply to the Energy Saving Trust for a £400 voucher if they currently have a G-rated boiler and wish to upgrade, although the discount is limited and demand has been high.

The voucher can then be put towards money off the cost of a condensing boiler, biomass boiler or ground source heat pump.www.westscotplumbers.co.uk

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